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Winter Health Check

Winter is on its way, bringing with it the prospect of new adventures for you and your Toyota as you take on the frosty elements. That’s why, as the days get shorter and colder, it’s essential that you and your vehicle are prepared.

As winter sets in, road conditions become more challenging, so to keep you safe on the road at this critical time of year, we offer a low-cost Winter Health Check for your peace of mind.

Here's what your Winter Health Check includes...

Wiper blades and windscreen washer fluid – So that you have a clear view ahead, we’ll inspect your wiper blades for damage and washer fluid levels
Bulbs – We’ll examine all bulbs to ensure they’re functioning correctly for good visibility on the road during those foggier and darker drives
Battery – We’ll thoroughly check the condition of your battery making certain that connections are clean, tight and corrosion-free or, if necessary, replacing the battery
Motor oil – To ensure you’re car performs at its best we’ll look at your engine oil condition and level
Coolant – To avoid overheating and damage to your engines we’ll inspect coolant levels making sure they are correct and that the system is free of leaks  
Tyres – We advise switching to winter tyres for enhanced grip and safety during the tough winter months.

We also offer winter accessories so that your Toyota’s ready for anything, from city commutes to snow-filled, mountain drives.

Book your Winter Helth check with our Service Dept today on 01-4567171.